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65-Piece Prawns Combo

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Product Description

Untold Love Story

Wings & Prawns is borne out of our own passion for the buffalo wings. You will find that our rendition rings true to how wings are prepared in the traditional buffalo style. To whet your appetite further, there are other carefully-curated flavours that will make you yearn for more. Look out for our monthly special if you are always looking for something new. On top of the wings, there are prawns too for you to savour. All this is thanks to the culinary knack of Azri and Aishah, both proudly locally-trained chefs. Together they have recreated the real taste of Americana and add the whimsical Asian tastes to boot. Wings & Prawns, Strong Flavoured is us.  

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Stuff dreams are made out of Our wings and prawns are available in the following honest-to-goodness flavours:    

Classic Buffalo Wing   

Hot, hot, hot—that’s how we’d describe the CBW. It’s fiery, spicy and citrusy all in one. Order this only when you have the guts.

Chili Mango    

Made with real mango, it is a delightful combination of sweetness and spiciness. You will get the jolt from the bits of real chili padi. Yes, everything is real here.

Spicy Kicap    

Who doesn’t love kicap? Pair it with our buttered rice, that’s already a full meal for you. But the Spicy Kicap is already promising on its own. And that’s a promise.

Garlic Parmesan    

Be comforted by how smooth and buttery the flavour is here. Contrary to what you might think, they are not cheesy at all.

Mushroom and Basil    

We didn’t think that these two would hit it off but hit it off they did! Don’t say we never warn you but you might not get enough of this flavour.

Sides and dipping sauce  

Choose from French fries, wedges and buttered rice to accompany your meal. You must have the wings and prawns with our select dipping sauces, which are Bleu cheese, cream cheese and honey mustard.

Let’s Party!     

Whether you’re having a meeting at the office or a get-together at home, you’ll need to inject a bit of fun into whatever you are doing. Everything else will then fall into place. Food ranks at the top on what constitutes fun. 20 or 200 people, you know that there needs to be enough wings and prawns to go around. It’s both quantity and quality. Pick up the phone and talk to us about your requirements. We do entertain bulk orders, but you will have to give us a lead time of at least three days prior to the event day. That way, we can ensure that you will have fun at your meeting or party.